Three years of VR/AR expertise in

our unique Arvur-Framework


„Top of the market“ solutions

and constant improvement


Customer-oriented approach

and agile development

Our Mission

Virtual Reality changes key factors of competition and

opens a variety of challenges for established companies.


We want to be both

exploring of what is possible

and implementing the current state of the art

to ensure that both economy and the people

will have their share of those benefits.

„The best way to predict the future is to invent it.“ – Alan Kay


Training & maintenance

Innovation &  product design

Workplace & communication

Construction & architecture

…so what’s the point anyway?

Increase Productivity

Train employees on virtual machines instead of interrupting production

Living Prototypes

Interact with new products and machines before they exist

Boost Sales

Provide your sales team with a virtual experience of your product

Virtual Inspection

Inspect a new apartment, shop or exhibition stand before it is built

Simplify Communication

Use virtual showrooms to deliver complex issues in an easy manner

Employee Safety

Rebuild dangerous environments in VR for training purposes

Our ambitous Team

Meet the guys behind Arvur Interactive.

Robin Hasenbach CEO & Founder

We will help you to grow your business

We’re here to help you to finding a best way